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Beam Lifting Clamps


  • For vertical lifting, transportation and stacking of steel (H) beams, profiles and structures where the load must stay perfectly in position

  • Especially recommended for transportation and stacking of steel (H) beams (e .g . when sawing of steel beams, stacking of steel beams and building of steel constructions)

  • Jaw openings available from: 0 to 25 mm

  • Working load limit (WLL) 1000 - 3000kg. Min. WLL is 10% of max WLL

  • Note: the plate surface of the material must have a hardness level of max. HrC 37/345 Hb


Features and Benefits

  • Special lifting shackle shape which places the gravity centre of the beam or load directly beneath the lifting shackle

  • While lifting the equilibrium of the beam is maintained and keeps the flanges vertical so the beam can easily be stacked or positioned

  • Always equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered

  • Clamp is locked in closed as well as open position

  • Lightweight design for easy handling

  • Tough quality heavy duty welded shell body

  • Maintenance-friendly, easy to exchange parts which are available upon request